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Creating healthy & delicious meals for students.

Healthy and Delicious!

Kinder ESSEN is ESSEN Catering’s school lunch program- offering a variety of homemade, healthy and delicious options for students. We strive in ordering and preparing the freshest options for children so they are able to get full from a delicious lunch meal while also fueling them to keep learning throughout the day.

Some of the lunches include freshly-made hamburgers, philly cheesesteak sandwiches, mac & cheese with broccoli, spaghetti and meat sauce, chicken quesadillas, pizza with caesar salad, and breakfast for lunch items such as chicken & waffles with fresh fruit, and pancakes & sausage with hashbrowns.

Proudly feeding the kids at Trinity Klein Lutheran School since March 2022.

Drinks & Snacks

Because everyone loves to snack…

In addition to lunch, we offer add-on drink & snack options such as chocolate milk, gatorade, fruit snacks, yogurt, granola bars and trail mix.

Drinks and Snacks



Kindergarten – 4th Grade
$5.25 per meal

5th Grade – 8th Grade
$7.25 per meal

Extra portion and drink upgrades also available!

Meet the Team

Here are some of the friendly faces you will see feeding the kiddos!







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